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Island Hopping Abu Dhabi Style

This weekend (Friday and Saturday in the United Arab Emirates) was a hot one! The daytime high averaged around 40 degree Celsius. People tell me this is only the beginning! Abu Dhabi is situated on the Arabian Gulf and includes an archipelago of man-made and true islands. They are fairly close to one another and […]


Marhaban Abu Dhabi

It’s been a few days since I touched down in the Middle Eastern country of the United Arab Emirates (U.A.E.). Abu Dhabi, the vast, arid capital city, is where I’ll be calling home. I’ve had butterflies fluttering in my stomach for weeks now – filled with excitement, anticipation and wonder. Yesterday, in an attempt to […]


Leatherback Sea Turtle Watching

    Turtle-nesting season began last week in Trinidad. We drove from San Juan through lots of winding country roads to Matura, on the eastern (Atlantic Ocean) side of the island to spot the leatherback sea turtle night egg-laying trek. After a seemingly long 10-minute drive under thick jungle canopy, we emerged out of the […]

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Lopinot Village

Last Sunday, my cousin took me for a drive through Trinidad’s Northern Range mountains via a narrow, winding road to Lopinot Village. We passed all shades of lush green vines, trees and bushes along the road. The clean, cool air was a welcome change from the stuffiness in the city. The spectacularly remote, cute village of […]

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San Antonio Green Market

The (San Antonio) Green Market in Santa Cruz, Trinidad is a great place to visit for fresh and local produce. There are comfortable wooden benches under the trees to relax on after you’ve perused the local artisanal crafts and delicacies. The Green Market opens at 6:00 a.m. every Saturday, but you should get there around […]


Jouvert In Trinidad 2014

      This year I played with Shades Jouvert whose mas camp (headquarters) are in Tunapuna. Their J’ouvert band route snakes through St. Clair (in Port-of-Spain) and Maraval from King Georges V Park  and ends at Long Circular Mall in St. James. We got to the park at 3:00 am Carnival Monday (Lundi Gras) morning […]

Trinidad Carnival 2013

It’s been a long time coming but my Trinidad Carnival 2013 video has arrived. This video will give you a quick taste of what to expect at Trinidad Carnival! After reading the Trinidad Carnival Survival Guide, you should have already bought your flight ticket, booked your hotel and chosen your costume!!! In less than a […]

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Trinidad Carnival Survival Guide

Welcome to The Trinidad Carnival Survival Guide for Carnival Virgins, Carnival Veterans and Carnival Babies alike. Feel free to leave your comments below 🙂 What? Carnival festivities began in Trinidad and Tobago over 200 years ago. The Carnival takes certain aspects from Nigerian (Egungun), French and Spanish folkloric roots due to the mixing of colonizers and […]


Wat Pho and Wat Arun On My Mind

[quote]…Understanding told him to see through his third eye By being G-O-D, he’s seen his reality Arm leg leg arm head, Buddha bless me, Buddha bless me…[/quote] Buddha Monk ‘Blessings Of The Buddha’ Listening to that tune got me in a dreamy mood remembering Bangkok’s exquisite Buddhist temples, Wat Pho and Wat Arun. [map width=”400″ […]