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A World Traveller Is Born

Living in Japan ignited that spark deep inside me to explore the world. Taking the huge leap to leave all that was familiar and cozy to the Land of a Million Quirks was daunting, to say the least. I managed though Japan itched and bit me at times. But it was nothing that a little Calamine lotion couldn’t fix. Having a strong network of family and friends back home and in Japan plus Skype were my remedies against massive culture shock attacks.

Most of the Japanese people I’d met had had their passports stamped with at least ten countries. Places like The Maldives, Kazakhstan, Peru and even Antarctica! Back in Montreal I had only imagined a life of travels to my ancestral lands of Grenada and Trinidad and Tobago. Since I was a toddler my parents were dragging me to the Caribbean to give me a taste of how they had lived before moving to Canada.

Then I was invited by my Filipino friends to attend their cousin’s wedding on the island of Bacolod. We spent three rollercoaster-ride weeks being hauled along to family fetes and nature adventures. There were seven of us. But venturing out on my own???

So, one day, while I was on a not-so-weird Japan train ride I decided that whether or not I had a travel partner or not, I would try to visit as many places – not just countries – as I could.

And the adventures began…

What are some of your best and worst travel adventures? Share them below. I’d love to hear them!